Double the Protection with Quick Access Safes

Responsible gun owners use gun safes to protect both their firearms and their families. With there being so many shapes and sizes of safe, as well as different styles, it’s hard to know what to get. If you are a hunter or collector, a sturdy cabinet that can be bolted down might be what you are looking for. They can keep your guns safe from humidity and thieves while keeping them away from children. But, they can also keep your guns away from you if you need to get them in a hurry. Enter quick access gun safes.


Quick access safes mean exactly that. They are super easy and fast for the owner to open. Quick access safes are made for both handguns and long guns. Some use keypad locks while others use biometrics. One of the more popular fast open safes is made by Gunvault. The Gunvault Speedvault lives up to its name. From the desire to get your handgun in your hand to actually having it there, the elapsed time can be under 5 seconds. If you keep a weapon from protection, a quick access safe may be a better choice than a traditional bank style vault.


Top Gun Safe Makers

A gun safe is only as good as its manufacturer. Not all manufacturers are as well known as others, and not all manufacturers are creating the best gun safes for your money. To help with deciding which gun safe is right for you, you can research more about the manufacturers that make them. Here are some popular and well known gun safe manufacturers.


Stack-On is a very well known gun safe manufacturer. In fact, they are known for making all sorts of secure boxes. They make toolboxes, gun safes, and garage storage. They have been in the business since 1972, and they are still going strong. Stack-On sends tend to offer a good value as they are not the most expensive safe, but they are above average in quality.

Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe makes safes of all shapes and sizes. They were founded in 1930, and they keep improving their designs year after year. One thing that Sentry Safe is famous for is their fire resistant safes. They are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee on safes destroyed in fires.


Browning safes are made by Liberty and are some of the best safes in the industry. They are highly trusted in the firearms community. Remington is also very proud of their environmentally friendly manufacturing process, claiming to have 95% less of a negative impact on the environment than other safe manufacturers.

Mesa Safes

Mesa Safe Company has been producing high-end safes for over 30 years. They offer their customers a support team with each purchase because they trust the quality of there safes. Mesa safes are made of steel, and you would be hard pressed to find any product coming out of this company’s warehouse that isn’t top quality.

This is a great website for more research on quality gun safes. They compare and contrast safes from most of the companies above as well as some not listed. If you become an educated consumer, you will get more bang for your buck.